4 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Wardrobe Stylist

Fashion styling is more than just picking out trendy clothes, or a nice outfit for an event. Fashion styling is a form of storytelling. We portray a part of our lives, identity, job, project, history, culture through styling. It is how we unify the past, present and the future all in one moment. The understanding of where fashion started from, and why people wear what they wear at the time they did like the  'bloomers'or ‘zootsuits’ or ‘zazou' is very crucial to fashion stylists. Without the understanding of the type of statement some fashion styles, outfits were used to make in the past, it is very easy to misuse fashion items or miss the point of styling for a particular event. Fashion styling has evolved over the years. Starring on televisions, shows that teach you what to wear to a specific occasion, or what not to wear anymore. Magazines like Vogue, books like ‘Dress for Success’ by John T. Molloy was published just to teach people more about styling themselves.

People tell stories with style, color, and overall looks. For instance, when a person dies, we wear colors like black to mourn, when getting married we wear white traditionally, when conveying boldness and strong emotions, we wear very colorful outfits like blue and red, we use pink to depict feminine energy, etc. We wear a style of shoes to match those cargo pants and a different one to match that draped skirt, it’s all telling different stories and depicting different aspects of us.

As styling evolved, people began styling celebrities for red carpets and events, until the stylists became celebrities themselves and it became more common for people in different fields to be styled. This gave rise to the need of a wardrobe or personal stylist. Although, there are different aspects and career opportunities in fashion styling, We will be narrowing down this article to personal styling and the basic things you should know about this career path.


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A personal wardrobe stylist is someone who works directly and closely with a client and their wardrobe outlook taking into considerations their style, appearance, or the way they want to look, their budget, their body type with a careful consideration of the fabric, color and accessories that correspond to a client’s goal. A personal stylist does not just search for the clothes, but they go as far as making mood boards, just to get to the desired goal of the client. They ask questions, analyze the wardrobe in search for functional items that can improve a client’s wardrobe to determine if a wardrobe needs a revamp or a complete change. For the most part, a stylist is familiar with the client’s preferences.


1. A personal wardrobe stylist has a good understanding of the current trends. This makes a stylist make better choices with regards to the preference of the customer and their goals.

2. Also, a personal wardrobe stylist gives fashion advice and education to a client on what to wear and what not to wear, what best suits them, the quality of clothes, fabrics and how to accessorize. A stylist goes even to the point of recommending certain make-up and hair style that goes with each look either for a special event or daily activities. For instance, for a client that loves casual outfits but can’t find a balance with it, staying stylish even with casual outfits is something that a stylist would educate the client on to always ensure an improved look.

3. A personal wardrobe stylist is also very particular about the types of color that best suits a client. This is achieved through an in-depth understanding of a client’s style, appearance, and goal for wearing such color. For instance, when attending a funeral, most people wear black or white as that best suit the occasion and when attending a wedding as a guest, it is better to stay away from white outfits.

4. The goal of a personal wardrobe stylist is to help a client gain confidence in what he or she wears. As much as a client loves to look stylish and chic, there is the factor of comfortability and confidence. When a person’s overall appearance, style, outfit, is upgraded, they become more confident and happier with their overall appearance.


When trying to find the best stylist for you, always make sure to check their portfolio, to see pictures of what they have done in the past. This would help you understand their style and that of the clients they have worked with in the past. Also checking their client’s feedback is also a great way to understand the kind of services they offer and how professional they are.

In conclusion, a personal wardrobe stylist do not just help a client to pick out a complete outfit that both suits them, but also educates a client to be more knowledgeable about what they wear and how they wear what they wear.

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